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My name is Kaitlyn Cookle, author and photographer of Fit Freedom Lifestyle.

My love for all things fitness and health developed nearly four years ago when I chose to change my habits and way of life.

I had been living to please others. I was working out and eating strict to look a certain way. I was so unhappy with where I was, I dropped out of college, and moved to Minneapolis. I found a job at MPLS Fit Body Bootcamp. The gym I now co-own with my sweet and freakishly beautiful husband, Jonathon. That gym and Jonathon changed my life in the sense that I finally felt free. Free of expectation, comparison, and self-hate. Free of living to please others. AMEN. It wasn’t a specific person but rather that time in my life that led me closer to Jesus. Through HIS love, and only then was I able to see my beauty and worth for what it was. Enough. More than enough! And you are, too.

That’s when Fit Freedom Lifestyle was born. A place where I could share my experiences and favorite things with women to help free them of all the weight and pressure that we have on our shoulders. Because you’re not alone!

I love living a creative life, and inspiring others to better themselves. Here you’ll find workout videos, healthy and balanced recipes, (no diets or depriving ourselves), motivation, & lots of love. I’ll be sharing my balanced lifestyle and I can’t wait to hear about yours.

So stick around, I’ve got a lot to say!

All my love,


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